The Six Steps of Our MA Air Quality Testing

Here at Purely Green Environmental, we take a somewhat different approach to air quality testing. Backed by degrees in both chemistry and biology, we use our scientific backgrounds to do more than identify the problem. We will also provide solutions to resolve and prevent it from recurring. Our education instilled a comprehensive and systematic way […]

Top 3 Reasons Your Crawl Space Has Mold

WHY DOES MY CRAWLSPACE HAVE MOLD? Crawl spaces are the ideal environment for toxic mold in NH to thrive. Most crawl spaces are dark, dirty, and humid. Bugs like to live in these areas since the outside air in the summer (and in the winter if you neglect to close your vents) enters, which can […]

Documentary Sheds Light on Toxic Household Products

  A family-oriented documentary called ‘Stink!’ (available for streaming here) shines a bright light on the unregulated use of toxic chemicals in U.S. consumer products, from baby wipes and shampoo to floor cleaners and laundry detergents. The idea for the film originated from director Jon Whelan’s experience in tracking down the source of a strong […]

Schools and Indoor Air Quality

It is that time of year again, new notebooks, fresh pencils, the sound of the first bell back to school! Here at Purely Green Environmental, we care about your child’s safety and well-being. You should ask yourself, “How do I know what is in the air my child is breathing?” The only way to be […]

Indoor Air Pollution Solutions

In a world that is filled with different cleaners, perfumes, and scents, the quality of indoor air is now a greater health hazard than outdoor air pollution. These hazards run the spectrum from allergies, toxins and contagions, leading to many health risks! Purely Green Environmental can help your home, or business, with indoor air quality […]

Air Quality Testing: When and Why

The concern of air quality is not something we think of during our everyday lives. While there is not much we can do on a daily basis about air pollution, we can exercise some control over indoor air pollution in our homes and office. Air quality testing in Massachusetts is a safe and successful way […]

The Weather is Hot, but your Indoor Air Quality is Not

Summer is for sunny days, relaxation and warm temperatures, but did you know that it is also the worst time of the season for indoor air quality? Ozone, mold, and moisture are more of an issue during summer months than they are during cooler seasons! Hot temperatures, sunny days, and light breezes do not allow […]

The Signs of Mold

Mold is the last word any homeowner wants to hear. With the weather heating up, it is mold’s favorite time to grow, putting you and your loved ones in possible danger of health risks. Here at Purely Green Environmental, it is safe to say we understand mold well and conduct comprehensive mold testing in NH. […]

What You Should Know About Black Mold

The name “black mold” alone sends a shiver down any home or business owner’s spine. However by having the ability to identify and understand black mold in Amherst, NH, you can help keep your interior environment free of its mold toxins. Did you know that nearly 37 million Americans suffer from sinusitis or infection of […]