Air Quality Assessment

For Mold Free, Health Building

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Air Quality Assessment

For Mold Free, Health Building

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Serving greater New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Below are the services we offer for Indoor Air Quality Testing and Mold Inspections.

Our air quality testing firm is unbiased meaning that we do not offer remediation or sanitizing services so there is no conflict of interest when you choose us to assess your environment.

Our goal is to determine the indoor environmental air quality status (in regards to ambient and surface contamination such as mold/bacteria/yeast, particulate constituents, chemical off-gassing, relative humidity) and to develop a remediation protocol if deemed necessary to improve the air quality.

This will include:

  • Assessment Interview
  • Visual Inspection
  • Sample Analysis
  • Inspection Report
  • Comparing Remediation Quotes
  • Post-Remediation Clearance Testing


There are several state of the art IAQ tools we use at our client’s property…

  • Microbiological Assays
  • Wagner Moisture Reader B1 2200
  • Zefon BioPump ZBP-100
  • FLIR E30 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
  • FLIR Extech Video Boroscope/Wireless Probing Camera (BR200)
  • Extech Relative Humidity/Temperature/CO2 Datalogger (SD800) and Extech CO Monitor (CO10)
  • VOC/MVOC Tests (*)  Prism Analytical Pumps (Model HAC-100 Air Sample Pump with Flow Rate: 200 mL/min) and Thermal Desorption Tubes (Prism AS0002)
  • ERMI


Purely Green Environmental has been in the mold/air quality inspection business since 2006 when we obtained professional certification through The National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors. Our educational background in the sciences with a degree in Chemistry and Biology, along with our ongoing commitment to monthly Continuing Education, confer the knowledge and analytical skills to be at the forefront of inspection services.




NORMI™ Certified

• Indoor Air Specialist
• Mold Inspector
• Formaldehyde Screener
• Professional Screening
• Environmental Educator
• Biocide Applicator

NORMI™ Qualified

• Mold Assessor
• Sampling Technician

ACAC Certified

• CMC, Council-certified Microbial
• Consultant

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