Air Quality Assessment

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Air Quality Assessment

For Mold Free, Health Building

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Indoor Air Pollution Solutions

Air quality testing in Massachusetts from Purely GreenIn a world that is filled with different cleaners, perfumes, and scents, the quality of indoor air is now a greater health hazard than outdoor air pollution. These hazards run the spectrum from allergies, toxins and contagions, leading to many health risks! Purely Green Environmental can help your home, or business, with indoor air quality testing in Massachusetts to give you the peace of mind. However, there are some steps you can take that will set you on the right path to a healthy indoor environment.


As energy-efficient modern homes can be, they have been known to trap too much air inside your home and reduce the air circulation you need. Better ventilation is key! Bathrooms, basements and attics are usually the big problem areas, but anywhere can present considerable indoor air pollution without some aspect of ventilation.

Know Your Air

You have to test your air. When it comes to indoor air pollution, there are many things you can’t see or smell. A professional air quality testing in Massachusetts will give you a more comprehensive assessment of your indoor air quality. You can not prevent indoor air pollution, if you do not know what is in the air!

Reduce and Alter Indoor Chemical Use

Common household cleaners and pesticides are full of chemicals. Pay close attention to the labels on household products. If possible, switch to natural products that contain fewer toxic chemicals. When you do need a stronger cleaner, use sparingly and follow all of the precautions explained on the label.

Install Electronic Air Cleaner

Electronic air cleaners can extract thirty times as much dust as ordinary filters. If it offers significant breathing relief to one or more people in your home or business, then an electronic air cleaner is worth every penny!

Reduce Indoor Air Pollution Naturally with Houseplants

Plants are a great help when it comes to removing toxins from your home. The best part about plants is that, while they reduce indoor air pollution, they don’t look out of place or create noise. A few that have been shown to work well are: Boston fern, Spider plant, English ivy, Areca Palm, and Peace Lily. A good rule of thumb is two plants per hundred square feet!

Use these steps to solve your indoor air pollution! For more information referring to indoor air quality testing, call Purely Green Environmental at (888) 291-3773.




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