Air Quality Assessment

For Mold Free, Health Building

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Air Quality Assessment

For Mold Free, Health Building

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Making Unhealthy Buildings Enviro-Healthy and Mold Free

Purely Green Environmental, LLC is a full-service indoor air quality environmental testing firm dedicated to improving air quality in residential and commercial properties in greater New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Our analytical indoor air quality testing services and state of the art tools equip us with pertinent information necessary to identify indoor contaminants in order to develop targeted protocols for cost effective mitigation. Rather than mask the problems, we solve them at the source.

An Independent Testing Firm

As an independent testing firm committed to giving an honest assessment, there is no conflict of interest in the mitigation protocols we recommend. When you select Purely Green Environmental to inspect your property, you don’t need to worry that the scope of mitigation will be exaggerated to make the project bigger than needed. That alone will save you time and money.

We can guide you through the process of selecting a reputable mitigation service company but that decision is yours.

Survey-Sample-Solve Methodology

Our goal is to protect the air quality that our clients breathe, using proven and effective survey-sample-solve methodology. Therefore, we oversee the mitigation process by conducting targeted post-tests to ensure work was conducted thoroughly with positive outcomes.

Ultimately we want to give your home or commercial building a healthy report card but that is given only when certain criteria are met. If the post-tests don’t score high meaning further or repeat mitigation is required, then we stand by you and work closely with the mitigation team so that they are aware of the failed area(s) and know what steps need to be undertaken to complete the work effectively.

We don’t rest until we have the utmost confidence that your property’s air quality is healthy.

Mold Testing – NH & MA

Sick buildings, a term used to describe the elevated presence of mold, bacteria, or chemical pollutants can stress the body and may trigger illness creating both unnecessary health and financial burdens. What you can’t see or smell can hurt you. We offer mold testing in the greater Boston area and New Hampshire.

Our focus on greening your interior space by reducing environmental pollutants is regarded by health care providers as an integral component of Preventative Medicine. You’ll find that Purely Green Environmental is a trusted source of environmental testing by a network of physicians and healthcare providers for their patients.

Since 2006 we have been serving those who are trying to maintain or regain their health by ensuring that their property or the one they are planning to purchase is a safe environment.

Are you living in a healthy home? How can you know for sure? Take our survey, or read our blog article: Common Reasons to Have Your Home and Workplace Tested for Air Quality.

Contact us when you’re ready to explore how a healthy interior can make a difference in your life.




NORMI™ Certified

• Indoor Air Specialist
• Mold Inspector
• Formaldehyde Screener
• Professional Screening
• Environmental Educator
• Biocide Applicator

NORMI™ Qualified

• Mold Assessor
• Sampling Technician

ACAC Certified

• CMC, Council-certified Microbial
• Consultant

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