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Purely Green Environmental
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 26 reviews
 by Gia

I highly recommend Madeline, the owner of Purely Green Environmental. She is hands down the best mold inspector and environmental specialist. Not only is she board certified, she is also extremely knowledgeable, thorough, honest and highly aware of the devastating health issues mold can cause on one's health (like myself). She goes above and beyond what any other inspector will do, and will find mold that no other inspector will. She is extremely thorough and takes her time and genuinely cares about her clients. We are so grateful that we found her. She has been an advocate for us, and her patience, knowledge and guidance were invaluable in helping us navigate through this process of remediation, which is a very scary process, especially when you are sick due to mold. You won't find anyone that will care as much about your home and your health as Madeline.

 by Joanna
Purely Green Environmental

I have suffered from CIRS for years after a major mold exposure at work. It is not often you find someone who understands your health condition and understands the importance of living in a mold-free environment. Having suffered from CIRS for so long, I was under the assumption that I had a strong understanding of keeping your home mold free. After meeting Madeline I realized I still had a lot to learn. After thoroughly inspecting my home she explained everything she found and how to properly remediate. Madeline is patient, honest, compassionate and a true professional in the field. If you have any questions about mold/air quality in your home do not waste your time working with anyone else. When you work with Madeline you have a true advocate on your side who only has your best interest in mind-this is a rare find in this industry. I would recommend Purely Green Environmental without hesitation.

 by Alison Sudalter
Top notch

Five stars is certainly not enough in regards to Madeline Flagg of Purely Green Environmental. Madeline is top notch in her field. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and beyond thorough (she sees things most eyes don’t catch) she is extremely caring and compassionate as she knows the great health risk molds can cause to the human body. We had a really terrible experience with a local “mold remediation” company. In a nutshell, they remediated our home and actually did the final air sampling (which is against the law) and actually falsified the reports. I was wondering why my health was declining so poorly after remediation and that’s when my mold toxicity practitioner referred me to Madeline Flagg. I contacted her immediately and she was very concerned and made herself available to come inspect our home very thoroughly inside and out immediately. What she found was horrific. In a nutshell, the remediation company that we trusted and paid a lot of money to left our home 95% contaminated. Madeline went above and beyond making sure that when they came back to do a full remediation that they didn’t miss a thing. She came to our home an additional three times to inspect their work. The only reason why we allowed this “mold company” to come back into our home was because we had Madeline here to oversee the project and they needed to fix the mess they created. When the remediation was finished Madeline concluded with air and surface sampling. Everything came back clear. I want to end this review stating that I have CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome) from living in mold and I’m also pregnant. The said “mold company” was well aware of this fact and even had it in their work order. We will be filing a report with the attorney generals office. If it wasn’t for Madeline Flagg and her great expertise I truly don’t know where we would be right now. She certainly goes above and beyond for her customers.

 by Jessica A.
Simply the BEST

Madeline from Purely Green Environmental is "Simply the BEST." I am not sure what my husband and I would do without her. We had black mold damage in our home and have been using Madeline for 2 years. We have been using her services (testing) and all of her products like the inline purification system, etc...
She is so honest and patient and extremely helpful with a wealth of information. I feel so grateful to have found her and her company. Thank you, Madeline!!!

 by Trayce
Purely Green Environmental

After being sick for a month, my husband and I discovered mold in the ceiling of our master bath. Having never dealt with mold before, we contacted Purely Green to have a mold assessment done. I cannot say enough about Madeline Flagg, the woman who came out to test the mold. Because our initial appointment was forecast as a noreaster, she came at 8 pm the night before so we wouldn't have to wait. She patiently answered all of our questions and explained in detail what she saw and what she was doing. We got the results back in a timely manner and were able to move forward with remediation steps.
Madeline's help did not stop there. Having never dealt with mold before, her knowledge and guidance were invaluable in helping us navigate through the process of remediation. In fact, the first attempt at remediation was not sufficient and she stepped in for us and specifically outlined to the remediation company the steps needed to do the remediation properly and to her standards. Had we not had her there, we probably would have accepted the initial attempt and closed up our ceiling with mold still there!
We cannot thank Madeline enough for everything she did to help us through this process. Her expertise was invaluable and we appreciated her diligence in helping us to resolve this mold issue.

 by Cara
Purely Green Environmental

My husband and I highly recommend Madeline Flagg of Purely Green Environmental. She spent a good deal of time at our house not only doing the inspection but patiently answering all of our questions. I thought she was very professional and timely with the delivery of the report and recommendations. She scheduled a call for us to review her findings and again patiently answered all of our questions. Having been newly diagnosed with CIRS, I can say, I felt reassured by her attention to detail.

 by Carrie Jelsma

Madeline Flagg of Purely Green is THE main reason we will have a mold-free, dry, and healthy home to live in after a flood that damaged about half of our home. We hired two different companies to do water damage and mold remediation. We thought they'd done their job and cleaned up according to Madeline's recommendations, but our home failed mold inspections several times. It was challenging, but thanks to Madeline's professionalism, thorough methods and sound advice, we finally found a third company that properly remediated the water and mold damage their first time through. I wish we'd listened to her from the start! Thank you, Madeline.

 by Darly Abbas

I can not say enough good things about Madeline Flagg from Purely Green Environmental, LLC. My wife and I used Ms. Flagg's services to identify whether our home had any mold issues.

Ms. Flagg was very helpful and informative throughout the entire process. She even took time to speak to my wife and I about some of her findings while she was on vacation! I was especially impressed with Ms. Flagg's knowledge about mold and her ability to effectively communicate her findings in a way that made it easy to understand. Ms. Flagg takes a lot of pride in her work and has compassion for her customer's health issues.

Her work was very important to my family and I because a member of my family suffers from Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) so any exposure to mold or biotoxins will immediately trigger debilitating symptoms. Ms. Flagg's compassion and professionalism meant a lot to my family and I because she understood the struggle a person with CIRS goes through when exposed to mold and the importance of remediating the environment.

As an attorney, I am hesitant to offer a person or organization any type of endorsement. However, I was so impressed with Ms. Flagg's performance that I can say with confidence that Ms. Flagg is one of the most professional people I ever had any interaction with. For that reason, I without hesitation recommend contacting Purely Green Environmental, LLC with any questions or concerns about mold in your home or business.

 by Katie Hallett

Madeline Flagg is exceptional at what she does. Her industry knowledge and service are unsurpassed. You won't find anyone who will care as much about your home and your health. We have used Madeline on three separate occasions and each time we knew we were in capable hands, I literally breathe easier knowing she is in charge of restoring and helping us maintain a healthier home. Thank you Madeline!!

 by Pam - Dracut, MA

Madeline, I just wanted to say thank you for everything . You were great to work with. You really helped us to understand a very bad situation very well. I am glad we had such a good result.

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