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Your Child’s School Needs Mold Testing in NH

Mold testing in NH from Purely Green EnvironmentalWe’re all familiar with the idea of kids getting sick when they go back to school. All those germs being passed around from door knobs to water fountains to pencils and everything in between leave parents in a constant state of fear regarding their children’s health. However, there are other significant threats posed by a school’s indoor environment that have the potential to make kids sick – mold. It’s important for any institution to undergo mold testing in NH to ensure the overall health and well being of its occupants.

In an article published by CNN entitled “Are schools making kids sick?” the author states that:

  • “…studies have estimated that a third or more of U.S. schools have mold, dust and other indoor air problems serious enough to provoke respiratory issues like asthma in students and teachers.”
  • “A national survey of school nurses found that 40% knew children and staff adversely affected by indoor pollutants.”

One of the possible sources of mold in schools is in their HVAC systems. Unlike the old days, where a teacher would simply open a classroom’s windows to get fresh air inside, now we have schools built with complex heating and cooling systems. When not used regularly (like during Christmas or Summer break), the moisture built up in these systems can produced perfect breeding grounds for mold and mildew. When students come back to class, they are then exposed to mold spores emanating from the school’s HVAC systems.

What to Ask Yourself

Here are few questions to ask yourself when wondering if your child’s school needs mold testing in NH:

  • Does your child seem healthier when not in school?
  • Does your school have substitute teachers often?
  • Are other children missing multiple days of school due to illness?
  • Has your child’s school cut funding for building maintenance?
  • Has your child’s academic performance declined?

These are all questions you need to look into when sending your kid off to school. In a constant state of development, children breathe in more air, pound for pound, than adults do so are more susceptible to the harmful effects of poor indoor air quality. Look into the state of your child’s indoor environment and decide whether or not his or her school needs mold testing in NH.

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