Air Quality Assessment

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Air Quality Assessment

For Mold Free, Health Building

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The Benefits of Air Quality Testing in Massachusetts

Air quality testing in Massachusetts is an essential undertaking when you take into account the many detrimental units of analyses that make up poor indoor air quality. There are many potentially harmful elements that conspire to reduce the quality of our indoor environments. Some of these elements are easier to pinpoint than others. Some are microscopic like mold, bacteria and viruses while others present themselves more clearly like secondhand smoke and particulates. This is why mold testing and air quality testing in Massachusetts are so important to the health and well being of you and your family.  At Purely Green Environmental we provide services that assess the quality of your home’s indoor environment. Then based on our findings, we recommend the appropriate actions necessary to rid your home of elements that could contribute to an overall unhealthy indoor environment.

In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency reports that poor indoor air quality is the fourth largest environmental hazard to our country. So exactly what is it that makes a home’s indoor air quality harmful?  The answer isn’t simple. There are combinations of elements that work to negatively affect our indoor environments.

Threats to Our Indoor Environments

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There are biological pollutants like bacteria, molds, pollen, pet dander, viruses, and particles from insects that contribute to poor indoor air quality.  Aside from having the potential to cause infections, trigger asthma attacks, and provoke allergic symptoms, some of these elements can even result in property damage to your home. Structural rot within the attic, interior walls and around windows can be attributed to some of these pollutants. If you notice this type of damage in your home, you should make sure to hire Purely Green Environmental to conduct some mold testing in your home in order to assess your indoor air quality.

Combustion pollutants also pose a threat to the quality of our indoor environments. These are by-products of furnaces, fireplaces, heaters, and other fuel burning stoves. Burning fuels can let out both carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. Both chemicals are especially dangerous because they are colorless and odorless. Exposed to high levels of either one can lead to death while even minimum exposure can cause headaches, fatigue, nausea, confusion, and dizziness.

From a health perspective, mold testing and air quality testing in Massachusetts are both necessary procedures in order to ensure the safety of you and your family. Why take a chance and not know what might be contributing to poor air quality? Hire Purely Green Environmental to professionally and effectively assess your home’s indoor air quality before it becomes a major problem.

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