Importance of Formaldehyde Testing  

More and more people and organizations alike are being more conscious of what kinds of chemicals they come into contact with and in what form. Formaldehyde is a chemical commonly found in embalming fluid and cigarettes, but it can be present in other products as well. At Purely Green Environmental, we perform a variety of […]

Ditch These Habits and Improve Air Quality

Having a healthy home is of upmost importance. Otherwise, it will not be livable and could cause health issues. Keeping your air quality consistent is ideal, and plenty of people do not realize how much their habits can directly contribute to air quality. So, in addition to getting some air quality testing in Massachusetts, you […]

Toxic Flooring Calls For Formaldehyde Testing in NH & MA

It has recently been reported that laminate flooring from a Lumber Liquidators production facility in China has shown potentially toxic levels of the chemical formaldehyde. While this chemical is widely used in numerous products, the amounts tested in some laminate flooring exceeded levels the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognizes as safe. Exposure to high levels […]