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Air Quality Assessment

For Mold Free, Health Building

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Prevent These Adverse Effects With Mold Testing

Mold testing More often than not, people ignore mold until it is too late. It is not seen as a prominent issue, but its effects can be significant. From your home to your personal health, mold can affect just about every facet of your life. However, if you take the time to do research and hire our firm for mold testing, you can avoid some unfortunate situations.



1.) Poor Health/Allergic Reactions

Trapped mold can lead to a variety of health issues. If you notice someone’s body reacting poorly to your environment, mold could be the reason why. Do your research, and you will find out if you need to get a test done. It is always better to be safe than sorry.



2.) Visible Mold

Where there is visible, pungent mold, there is probably more to follow! If you notice some mold in your space, call Purely Green Environmental immediately and get the potentially harmful microbes assessed ASAP.



3.) Body Stress

Your body can also suffer from stress when exposed to mold. If you find yourself or your loved ones dealing with physical pain or stress, testing may be something to strongly consider.



4.) Structural Damage

When your home or living space is hit with water frequently, mold is bound to grow. Once it takes the time to manifest, it can damage the overall structure of your home. It will lead to a host of issues and damage, which can be costly.



5.) Diminished Food Supply

Once food is hit with mold, it becomes inedible. Your body will react poorly if you even attempt to eat it, and your food supply will dwindle once you have to get rid of many pieces of food. Keep it out of heavy moisture areas, and you should be fine.




If you suspect you may have mold, call Purely Green Environmental. It is better to be safe than sorry. Our mold testing is highly comprehensive. Give us a call at (888)-291-3773.




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