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Air Quality Assessment

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Two Methods of Mold Testing

In a previous post, we discussed the signs that indicate you could have mold in your home. The best way to confirm whether or not your home has a mold problem is to have your house professionally tested for mold. At Purely Green Environmental, we have many tools and resources that our team uses to thoroughly test your home for dangerous mold spores. But how does mold testing work, exactly?

There are two methods of mold testing: air samples and surface samples. Let’s take a look at both.


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Air Samples

Testers often take air samples with something called a “spore trap.” There is a sticky surface inside the spore trap that collects the sample. Testers send a specific volume of air through the spore trap and the air particles adhere to the sticky surface inside the trap. If there is mold in your home, mold spores will make up a portion of the air particles and will be captured by the spore trap. The testers then send the spore trap to a lab for analysis. The tasting lab applies a stain to the sample from the trap. They can then identify what varieties of mold are present in the sample and in what quantity.


Surface Samples

There are a variety of methods for taking surface samples for mold testing. The three most common are swab samples, bulk samples, and tape samples. Let’s take a look at all three:

  • Swab samples: Testers measure a specific area and use something similar to a Q-tip to take a sample from the surface. The samples are then sent to a testing facility to confirm the presence of mold and identify the types.
  • Tape samples: An alternative method to swab samples, tape samples are taken by pressing a piece of clear tape to the sample area and then removing it. The sticky side of the tape collects any mold from the surface.
  • Bulk samples: This method is less common in residential mold testing because a piece of the sample area is physically removed and sent to the testing lab.


Mold Testing by Purely Green Environmental

If you are concerned about mold in your home, the best way to give yourself peace of mind is to bring in our team at Purely Green Environmental for mold testing. If we do find mold, you will know what type it is and the best way to remove it. Contact us at (888) 291-3773 to learn more.




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