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Air Quality Assessment

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Air Quality Testing in Massachusetts: Benefits of Indoor Air Purifiers

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The long New England winter months are quickly approaching, and snuggling up in our homes is a favorite pastime. With the windows and doors closed, keeping the cold of winter out, we make our homes safe havens from the outside environment. However, the focus should also be on making sure the air inside is safe for your family as well. As experts in mold and air quality testing in Massachusetts, our team at Purely Green Environmental is here to assist.

Whether we’re providing professional in-home services or keeping you up to date on the latest industry news, we strive to assist those who may be having air quality concerns. Often, such concerns create an obstacle for enjoying those winter moments we all look forward to. While some may say that occasionally cracking open a window to let the air circulate is an ideal way to maintain air quality, they aren’t the ones paying your heating bill!

Instead, at Purely Green Environmental, we recommend using specific air purifiers throughout your home. With a small investment, the benefits gained to have confidence in the overall quality of your home’s air quality is priceless.


Our Recommendations

We recommend products by two highly reputable companies; GreenTech Environmental and Best Living Systems. These companies provide products that are perfect for any indoor environment. At Purely Green, we entrust these names so much that we use them in our own homes as well! 

Perfect for the first floor of large homes is pureAir 3000 by GreenTech, and for smaller homes or bedrooms, GreenTech’s pureAir 1500. However, if you’re new to air purification, the journey of selecting the perfect unit for your home can be overwhelming. At Purely Green, we’re here to answer your questions and help you find a suitable unit that works well and is not cost prohibitive. Feel free to contact our team at 603-886-0345 for expert advice you can rely upon.



GreenTech pureAir replicates the way nature intended air to be – clean and breathable. With powerful purification, pollutants on both surfaces and in the air are quickly eliminated. Utilizing synergistic technologies, including photocatalytic ionization with UV and target plate (creation of non-ozone natural air scrubbers that reduce germs and VOC’s), needlepoint ionization, and optional ozone (at appropriate levels for room size, useful when facing unwanted odors), pureAir has revolutionized the industry.

Further benefits include:

  • Unbeatable reliability for air purification
  • Transformation of stale indoor air into fresh, healthy air for your family to breathe
  • Removal of allergens and many viruses
  • Elimination of mold, mildew, and bacteria
  • Easy use, setup, and maintenance.

As we get ready for the months ahead, it’s time to consider air quality testing in Massachusetts. At Purely Green Environmental, we take pride in standing by our customers every step of the way to ensure the best air for your family.


For more information, contact us at (888)-291-3773.




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