Air Quality Assessment

For Mold Free, Health Building

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Air Quality Assessment

For Mold Free, Health Building

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Common Reasons to Have Your Home and Workplace Tested for Air Quality

  1. Residential  

    a. Family members have been unusually sick for some time and can’t seem to beat these colds…could their sickness be caused by the home’s air quality?..let’s get it checked

    b. Your child has asthma and doctor suspects the home air quality may be aggravating the child’s symptoms…let’s get it checked

    c. A homeowner sees likely mold growth or smells something musty and strong..worries what it is and if it is unhealthy..let’s get it checked before we get sick.

  2. Commercial

    a. Your facility has experienced water intrusion through a faulty roof, or sprinkler system activation, a pipe burst, a toilet overflowed, a dishwasher leaked to name a few. Professional flood restoration crews appeared on the job promptly and drying was complete in a few days. Was the air quality affected before everything was dried thoroughly? Not sure? – let’s get it tested.

    b. Your company is expanding and has outgrown its present facility. You need to make sure the new building has good air quality to protect your employees’ health. Let’s get the building tested before you move into this commercial office space.

  3. Medical

    Sick people enter your doors every day seeking medical attention for illnesses and injuries. It is important that they are not bombarded with extra assaults from breathing poor air quality. You had some water intrusion recently and your nursing staff is complaining even though your janitorial staff acted promptly to extract the water and dry the areas. Let’s get the building tested to determine if the air quality has been affected.

  4. Real Estate Transactions

    a. You’re selling your home and the buyer’s home inspector found something suspicious in the attic, basement or living space that you never noticed or paid any attention to. They suggest a mold inspection to assess the air quality to protect the buyer’s new investment. It is important to establish any corrective measures that may be needed before closing so that these costs can be accounted for (negotiated) in the final sale price.

    b. You’re buying a home to raise a family and you want to make sure it is healthy. Your three year old son has asthma and you want to make sure that he and his soon to arrive baby sister will be breathing healthy air. Let’s get the house checked..




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